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Raindrops necklace


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Fresh and lovely a necklace, inspired by the fairy tale [Raindrop necklace].

Little girl Lora has a special godfather, nordic uncle, north wind every year at Lora birthday, will give her a crystal clear raindrops, every raindrop has magical power.

When Laura has four "raindrops," no more rain will wet her;
There are five "raindrops", lightning can not hurt her;
When there are six "raindrops", the strong wind can not blow her away;
With seven "raindrops", she can swim in the deepest river;
When there are eight "raindrops", she can swim across the ocean;
With nine "raindrops", she can clapped her hand to stop the rain;
There are nine "raindrops" when she has the magic to make the sky rain.

Colored glaze: 6 * 8mm
Chain length: 40 +5 cm (extend the chain)

- Color: Blue
- Beads: Colored glaze (Czech Republic)
- Metal Link: Silver plated copper Wire (Made in USA)
- Metal chain: Silver plated copper
- Limited quantities available
- Final Sale - no returns or exchanges
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