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About us

The beginning

Just in 2013, once Jesse bought an acrylic pendant necklace online and got the hand and felt that this level of handcraft could be done by herself. Just as a friend Thalia also had such a feeling, so they decided to set up own handmade work studio, their first dream so stumble to sail.

Stick to hand-made

Do not set a fixed style of their products, this is our position on the Jeweth( Jesse we Thalia or Jewelry Handmade ). Gorgeous, retro, simple, cute, ladies and other styles, we are all willing to try and try to satisfy different tastes of customers. Refers to a count, found more than 4 years shop, this 4 years design jewelry has long been more than 800 kinds of styles.

Design inspiration

Design inspiration comes from literary, film and television works, but also a variety of materials collected, we will put them on the table to see the side of thinking. The "Harry Potter" series of ornaments, for example, is drawn from the original elements of each. Such as the keychain printed with the logo of each academy emblem, the golden snitch as a stylized pendant, the nine-three-quarter platform trains, etc. As soon as these gadgets were available, many Harry Potter fans were immediately love them . To do manual design, you can design your favorite things and get the same from the same resonance, for us, this is a great pleasure at work.

About Products

A good hand, in addition to the material and design, the details are crucial. Each link pin is the same size light, the quality of each bead and pendant is intact, the order and manner of each link link, how to package the product, how to send the package, I will have strict requirements. Because I know the details determine the quality, it is these seemingly trivial details together to make the product stand out.

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